Monday, August 22, 2005

Underlining the Words 'Rest in Peace'

by the drummer

will the martyrs reunite for the slightly anticipated 20th anniversary? will the original 4 ever be in the same room again? no. that ship has sailed. we shant play together again. and who really cares?

i love the martrys. i still listen to them several times a year. listening, i'm struck by what a good live band we were. especially for a band that never practiced and never played live. NEVER, despite what others may say about the laura d.'s bullshit. that wasn't the martyrs. ok, it was. and that was the night the martyrs died.
or maybe we died when i sold my drum set.
or maybe it was when we went 4-track. or maybe it was when the last note of "charming mutt" drifted off.
or maybe it was when mike went buddhist.
or maybe it was when paul moved to japan.
or maybe it was when i strangled all those kittens.
or maybe it was when chris began his sound gizmo obsession.
who knows?

my top 5 martyr moments:
1. recording "smother me", the pauley v. version.
2. sitting in the backyard when the other three recorded "mr. silly pants".
3. recording "moving day". 1st time i really produced a song.
4. her smile, the stone, a train
5. the laura d.'s show.

that's it. i love the martyrs. thanks to mike and chris. without them i would have never written a song. thanks to paul, who i owe more than a small debt for my vocal style. it was fun.

- the drummer

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